Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga is suitable for kids 5-12 years of age. Kids learn the basic techniques of a mindful yoga practice. The yoga practiced is a combination of fun poses and encourages children to focus. The class also includes breathing techniques. Each class finishes with a guided meditation and relaxation, helping children understand the value of calming themselves down.

General Info

·      The yoga practised is traditional, classical yoga. A combination of Hatha and Ashtanga yoga, finishing with Pranayama and Shivasana. The language used for poses is traditional Sanskrit, with English explanations

·      Classes are suitable for Beginners and Intermediate levels, as options are given. All are welcome.

·      Please don’t have a full meal two hours before yoga.

·      During class at all times, irrespective of my instructions, if you feel any sharp pain or you have a medical history that is restricting or hurting you, stop. Resume in your own time.

·      During class, go to your own full maximum capacity wherever possible

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